What greater thing is there than for two human souls to feel that they are joined as one, with love, respect, honesty and passion.

Marriage must be built upon a foundation of love. We must ask ourselves whether our sense of love is so absolute that we would be prepared to risk everything for it. When we say “I love you”, those three little words are the biggest investment we will ever make. We say them in the hope that they will yield great joy and happiness, and that at the very least that those words will be said back to us…with love.

When we have found our soul-mate, best friend, lover, confident and companion then we enter into a marriage that will last a life-time. The strength of a marriage is indeed a life-time commitment which should be celebrated and entered into with joy, trust, faith, hope and love.

Life’s most important relationships are all encircled and woven within a marriage.

Once you have chosen me as your celebrant I will provide you with a login to allow you access to the Client area of my website. Here you will find a selection of poetry, readings and suggested ceremonies to help you make your wedding day truly memorable.

In the Affiliates section you will find the website of the Attorney-General’s Department which will allow you to download the forms which are mandatory to complete. Naturally I will help you fill these in, and lodge them on your behalf.

"What makes a life are those small, unremembered acts of kindness and love."

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