Commitment Service

Commitment Service

A legal marriage may not suit everyone, and for some, such as same sex couples it is not an option in Australia.

A Commitment Service can be just the same as a Wedding Ceremony, without the legal elements. It is still a celebration of two people coming together to profess their love for each other and commit to a life partnership. The joy, respect and love of a Commitment Service is just as strong as that of a marriage. It is an occasion to share with friends and family, and announce to the world that you love one another and are committing yourselves to each other in a bond of love.

Your service is personally designed for you, and a Certificate of Commitment is presented to you at the end of the ceremony.

"Love is about two people living together who cannot live without each other for the rest of their lives, each hoping to die the day before the other so they never have to live without them."

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